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How to use VR headset box with android and iPhone mobiles


In recent years with the help of increasing technology, android and iPhone mobiles offer so many notable events and we still don’t know what more exciting surprises await us in this mysterious box. Virtual Reality is one of the newest wonders and is already becoming a highly sought after concept and receiving great attention from users and developers. And with the main interest of investors, VR headset technology is now a fast-growing industry with so many major projects carried out and lots of new possibilities that suggest a new era.

How can I experience virtual reality?

Until today, virtual reality has been something like a fantasy world, since not everybody actually knew how VR worked with smart devices. Virtual reality is a top hot cake in the world today, but like many other technological trends, it does not have a high price. You can experience virtual reality in your home without any difficulty if you have an Android smartphone/iPhone and a virtual reality headset.

  1. Verify the compatibility of your smartphone

First, make sure your Android smartphone is compatible with Virtual Reality. Virtual reality needs a gyroscope sensor on your smartphone to work. Therefore, check if your device comes with a gyro sensor or not; If so, you are ready to start. Fortunately, most modern regular Smartphone has this sensor.

  1. Choose your VR headset

There are several types of VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard, Gear VR, and so on. Google Cardboard is economical but does not have many manual options to adjust according to your preferences. The Gear VR box comes with an adaptable lens but at a moderately higher price. Moreover, the Oculus Rift VR type headphones are of high quality at a higher price. Therefore, pick your own virtual reality headset according to your requirements.

  1. Choose a virtual reality app

Play Store has as many applications as the Google Cardboard application that helps you configure your virtual reality headset to match your eyes with the size of your smartphone. Therefore, you can take an application and have your virtual reality available without much difficulty.

  1. Place the smartphone in the VR headset

Now start the application and place your Android, your smartphone in the virtual reality headset. Make sure the middle line is under the vertical dividing plate on the headset so that the image is centered from top to bottom in the viewfinder.

  1. Adjust the lens

The VR headset lens should be aligned horizontally with your eyes. The lens should be tidy by moving it in and out to have a sharper view of the image while having a full view. If you have the clearest view and the full view is available, then that’s it. Just ensure the interpupillary space is aligned correctly.

Enjoy the best virtual reality experience

Are you ready? You have your own virtual reality arrangement. Now you can enjoy virtual reality videos from YouTube, NetFlix or this type of various virtual reality video sources. There are many excellent virtual reality contents that are waiting for you. Just put on your virtual reality glasses and touch the vision of the future. Know mor : https://whatsworkingnow.net/everything-you-need.